Family Guy – Freakin’ Party Pack


For the family guy lover this would be the perfect gift all the seasons up to season 5 part 1, you also get a lot of extras with it. I think Family Guy is one of the funniest shows on TV, to the extent that it was brought back because it was so funny after being canceled, they noticed the huge dvd sales they were getting. Now it just keeps getting better and better, Stewei and Peter are my two favorite characters.

Included in this great set:

  • Family Guy Vol. 1 (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Vol. 2 (Season 3)
  • Vol. 3 (Season 4, Part 1)
  • Vol. 4 (Season 4, Part 2)
  • Vol. 5 (Season 5, Part 1)
  • Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin – The Untold Story movie
  • Family Guy ping pong paddles, net and balls, a bunch of poker chips and cards, and a clear plastic carrying case.

Price: $105

Link: UnCrate

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  1. everyone tells me how funny it is bs madree laish, i’ve never watched it!

  2. Ra7aLaH: Very funny!

    MSB: Its one funny show, you should watch it!

  3. I’ve just watched bits and pieces. But in them stewie is sooo FUNNY. I remember the one where he wants his money back. I still laugh everytime i play it :D

  4. I like it. bes i like The Simpsons better.. loyal fan!

    LOL @ the cover. Daddy has the best body! wohooow hehehe.

  5. love stewie, he is evil.. and brian.. is just too cool for his fur!

  6. Family guy never interested, i remember me and my little bro fighting because he wanted to watch it and i refused … that was back in the day when i could tell him what to do

  7. I like Stewie heehee he is so funny with his smart @$$ mouth with his British accent… he is just hilarious! And the price tag on thats is VERY reasonable

  8. maryam: You should watch the whole thing! Its hilarious!

    this Lady: loool! I think simpsons just lost a lot of the humor over the years, I watched it in the states and lost interest. Family Guy on the other hand just won’t stop!

    N: Exactly! Evil and funny!

    Laialy: loool! I think it is hilarious and you should watch it!

    O.fadidra: No prob!

    Ansam: Exactly, I love that he is an evil smart ass!

    Jacqui: Get it!

  9. the “Freakin’ Party Pack” sticker is perfectly on the spot LOL

    we don’t need to see little thingies!

  10. Swair: looool! then what do you need to see?!?

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