Equation Bookshelf


For any mathimatician they wouldn’t feel peace of mind looking at this shelf since all paranethesis have been closed correctly, and it is was cool looking funky shelf. The funny part is that this piece of furniture isn’t available for sale.

Link: BoingBoing

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. D.

    Looks like it’s graphically done and not real.

  2. not for sale? bummer.. ;/

  3. I love it! but why wouldn’t mathematicians find peace looking at it? lol, they can put the most important books in the innermost parentheses, since they will be evaluated first in an equation! I love math and I think a good najjaar (craftsman) can put this together real nicely.

  4. this would make a perfect gift for my father-in-law

  5. I LOVE IT

    I think Bo-Maryoum can do it ;p

    the interesting thing is that i thought of the denominator! and instantly visualized an equation “i like math” and when i went to the boing boing lin saw one guy saying if the denominator is the wall “assuming that the wall is null = 0” then its an undifined quantity hence it does not exist! i say he is wrong! the number 1 is the denominator of any number/ equation in the universe, unless proven to be something else :D

    who is not interested in math will find what i said dull, who is will smile ;p

  6. D: Its real!

    Laialy: that would be true!

    Ansam: yup!

    N: I know seriously!

    Shaymaa: They would find peace!! Its a completed equation! I don’t know about the kind of najaar, but has to be a damn good najaar!

    pearls: nice!

    Q80-ChillGirl: I smiled!

    Jacqui: Very!

    EniGma: yup, too bad it can’t be purchased!

    This Lady: Nice, it wouldn’t work in mine but I would find a place for it!

  7. jewaira

    Interesting but it is more decorative than practical

  8. jewaira: But its sooooo postive, complete!

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