Muchboos Deyaay


I came back from work and I was hungry as hell, and I was happy to know this was on the menu. I dug right in and devoured what was in front of me, I really wanted something in my stomach since I felt really hungry. It tasted amazing, and the hashu was just right, the samboosak tasted good too. Nothing hits the spot like a good meal. I need to make a flickr album of all the food pictures that I have, some of them are good close ups. When choosing a vanity for the bathroom, US residents prefer a double sink solution. In New York, double units are also gaining popularity. When is this option optimal? And when the installation will be relevant? We will review further. Why do we need a double sink set? As a rule, the morning for most families is the time to wash and tidy up after sleep. And this time is always limited. A two sink will help resolve this situation. Double Bathroom Vanity is an original solution for large families. It will help both save time and allow you to spend it together in the morning and evening procedures.





A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i would call you evil for uploading pix of food,
    but i’m not into rice!
    but yumiiyh for the samboosa (not samboosaK)

  2. Purgatory

    I `could swear that this is the same chicken used before.

  3. marzooooooog!

    7aram 3alaik!

    first u torture me with all the post about riding oo bikes

    and now this!!

    what did i ever do to you!

  4. 3ad yesterday my lunch was machboos la7am! Sure hit the spot as well!

  5. ashwa there are raisins in the rice which i dont like.. otherwise we woulda had a problem! :) but the samboosa definitely looks good.. what was inside? minced meat or potato? looks like minced meat with green pees!

  6. DLC

    Where can I get this kinda food????

  7. I’m not reading this!

  8. nQ: loool! The chicken was good though! .. I like saying samboooSAK!

    Purg: Nope, this is new with different angles! You seeing too many chickens!

    eshda3wa: shinsawy, I was hungry and so I posted the food! It wasn’t meant to torture anyone too much!

    Stallion: 3aad la7am khoosh shay!

    MSB: Minced meat! I love minced meat, I love meat anything! It really hit the spot, the funny part was that I was hungry and I took pictures before eating! The end result was a massacre!

    DLC: I don’t know!!!!

    N: Just look into your screen!!!

  9. I have seen this chicken before. I don’t know how or when or why, but I have seen this chicken!

  10. the pain i feel right now is incomprehensible, but i will get u back … someday

  11. It’s funny how you claim you were starving yet managed to wait and take a few snaps before digging in. :)

  12. that chicken looks scary to me! I hate chicken on the bone it freaks me out hahahhaha

    the rice and samboosa look amazing! where is the daqooos!

  13. 3lik bl3afiah :D

    if i had a meal like that ams i would not have created my own dish ;p which was ok, but salty :/

  14. Damon Dash

    Why do you only post when you eat that machboos? why not when you eat something else?

  15. pearls: Yum yum!

    Amer: You ate it most probablyl!

    Laialy: looooool!

    Venus: I know, I just had to take pics!

    ananyah: you are ridiculous, the daqoos was hidden!

    nQ: lol!

    Q80-ChillGirl: Alah e3afeech! loool!

    Damon Dash: I do post other things but you weren’t around to see it! hehehe!

  16. jewaira

    Delicious but I laughed when I saw the chicken

    Poor thing looks like it is crossing its legs!

    Wonderful food shots as always Marzouq

  17. jewaira: looool! No problem, I like the close ups!

  18. LOL ya7lailha il-deyaya 7a6a real 3ala real =~]

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