Free DVD MP3 Ripper


How many times have you wanted to rip audio from a DVD to have on your mp3 player, the process would usually take multiple programs and trial and error. There was a complexity to it or a cost, but now that isn’t the case. You can download Free DVD MP3 Ripper for FREE and it will do exactly that, it will rip the audio straight to MP3, there are some movies where I want the song with the background to it and some scenes that I wouldn’t mind having on my mp3. I am very happy with this download, only works for windows.

Link: LifeHacker

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  1. I’ve never really “yet” thought of that, or needed to do it, but any free tool, is a friend of mine lol.

  2. Katie

    *lol* You’re a Britney fan??

  3. I find downloading original movie soundtracks from Limewire more practical :)

  4. N: I know what you mean, if its good and free I want to try it!

    Katie: It was the given image, I haven’t screen captured mine yet!! I don’t and I never will!

    Angelo: Sometimes that just doesn’t work!

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