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Who said computer chairs aren’t funky, this resembles something you would find on the Matrix but shinier. I was just browsing through ergonomic seats and tables, then I stumbled upon this creation. It looks cool, I would get a much bigger screen, but I don’t think I would leave that seat if its as comfortable as it looks, then I would just dispatch Neo to do my bidding from that chair.

Link: Crave.net

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  1. not only does it look cool, it is ergonomic! something that does not exist here in this country as far as i know.

  2. Sushi

    looks like an exercise chair. Due to the extended height of the foot rests, you’d probably get let cramps or feet numbness since it doesn’t look like it promotes healthy blood circulation, add to that the fact that it’s reclined enough so that your tummy is fully supported to grow =P

  3. It looks like an exercise bicycle.. I dont want to extend my legs, or stare up at the screen (giving my a neck ache). And my hands would have to reach up to the keyboard.

    Doesnt look comfy at all!

  4. LOOL 1st thing that popped in my mind … it’s missing wheels ;P But i believe in trying things out before judging. so i can’t tell if it’s comfy or not just by looking at it.

  5. Now that’s what I want, add to it a remote with wheels so that you can navigate it anywhere, an additional biking wheels if you want to turn it into a techie stationary bike to excercise your lazy muscles!

    I want it!

  6. nQ

    looks painful

  7. jewaira

    I’d love a chair like that!

  8. N: That is for sure!

    Ra7aLaH: looool!

    Sushi: You just have to be tall and ready to game, has to be adjustable! looool!

    This Lady: Lets try it and see how it goes! lol

    Laialy: Thats not my worry, getting off the chair in a couple of hours is what worries me.

    Swair: yup!

    maryam: I say try then!

    Jacqui: hahaha!

    nQ: nah, its just different!

    jewaira: So you can take over the world!

  9. Robert

    k, so where do I buy one ? and for how much?

  10. brooke hales

    how much is it ?

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