I haven’t been able to go to the Dewaneyah for a little while now, and since the timing changed from Saturday to Wednesday I’m still having a hard time adjusting. Previously the Dewaneyah used to be every Saturday for the past 10 years, and so when it shift it has been a bit weird going on a different day. The day shift has had a different effect on different things that I do.


When I went I looked pretty worn out from my full day and night, I literally spent 1 hour at home, I ate I light lunch and sat for 30 minutes then headed out. The weather was amazing so I found everyone sitting outside, and it was very nice but I asked for dinner since I was hungry. As usual there is a good selection of food, the funny part is that I have been gone long enough that people have lost weight. Both my cousins lost a substantial amount of weight as well as my friend, I need to get on that bandwagon!






A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. With that food I don’t think anyone is going to lose any more weight LOOOOL! bel 3afiya!!

  2. lovely picks of knees and feet. very attractive :p

    no more losing weight coz the weather is lovely and everyone will be out and about in cafes and restaurants.

    Aah the lovely kuwait!

  3. All you need is sheesha and a belly dancer!

  4. N: looool! Nobody at too much so that isn’t the issue.

    pealrs: yup!

    Laialy: Its relatively light smoking compared to other dewaneyas

    This Lady: loool! Its nice weather, but I think I can drop the weight if I stick to a plan, but I need to figure out this plan!

    suspic: Not really, not in that nice setting! And I hate sheeshas!

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