Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds


This is the complete version of all the centerfolds Playboy has had from the first edition. You get the same centerfolds in each one as the original, no articles to waste your time now, just the 600 beauties for you to look at. The book comes in an impressive velvet-lined, embossed briefcase with combination-lock clasps.

Price: $315

Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. knafa


    times to try a new things for aramex :)

  2. Damon Dash

    Marzoq your blog recently has been INCREDIBLY SLOW in either browsing or posting comments . what is it???? am i the only one?

  3. Gi99a

    Good luck getting that through customs! :)

    Mamase mamasa mamakusa!

  4. $315? I think they were available online somewhere for free.

  5. Guess we’ll be seeing alot of those carried around. talk about sin in style.

  6. I know what to get for the old man’s birthday..

  7. jewaira

    Perhaps you could give us a sneak preview every month or so?

  8. That’s a nice gift for a perverted friend I have here. I might get it for him for Xmas.

  9. Jewaira: lol!

    knafa: let us know! hahaha!

    Damon Dash: Its been fine with me!

    Gi99a: hahahaha!

    abdvllah: Not all of them, not that much! And not in leather binding!

    maryam: hahaha!

    R: hahahaha!

    jewaira: I’m not getting it! hahaha! I know will email it out to everybody and see who gets it!

  10. the simper: Don’t know, haven’t seen one yet! lol

  11. patrick

    it’s just the centerfolds, no interviews. there is an essay to introduce each decade.

  12. Robert

    I have both the large version of the book that comes in the case and the small edition. The Large edition contains all centerfolds from start thru 2006. The small version (published later) contains all centerfolds from start thru 2007.

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