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Tires and Brakes


So for the first set of things I was planning to do was change my brakes and all my tires. The fronts are almost completely gone, the backs are mashed up, and so I went to Michelin and got the rear tires. I would have to wait another week until HH Tuning gets the front tires for me and I will have Michelin mount of them for me.


When I went to Michelin I asked them if they have someone who is skilled in installing brake pads for sports brakes, 8 pads in total. At first they said no but then they told me they do have someone and they introduced me to him. When I asked him if he can install the brake pads on this car, he said “Germans didn’t invented the brake pads, pads are pads”. I was surprised from his answer and confidence so I let him go ahead with it, he really knew all that he was doing and I was very very happy. If anyone needs an aligment then go to Michelin and his name is Mohammed, he is damn good and he is the one who installed the brakes, a really tall guy.


All my pads were completely gone, I mean only 2 -5% left and thats about it! I was told to pump the brakes every time they installed the front and rear set for the sake of the ABS system.


Michelin Pilot Sport 2 cost 118 KD per tire so 236 KD in total, labor was only 10 KD for all the pads which is great in comparison. I was very happy with the results, I felt the grip and the brakes felt much better. Now for the front tire then alignment, but before that I will be taking it to the dealership to have all the fluids changed.