Rotaliana Multibook


This is one very innovative simple piece of electronics, it looks just like a normal book but it should be on every techi’s wanted list.

This is a charger, clock, and lamp disguised as a book. It has an LED in front to tell you the date and time, the “pages” part is covered by 74 white LEDs which emit a low light in the evening, there is space available for 3 chargers inside the book, so all the wiring mess is inside the book. This current version is available for 220 volts and it can make charging very simple, and hidden.

Price: $222

Link: OhGizmo

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. it’s a sign! check out the date, american style! ana ma gelt shay.. the hint is in the gizmo!

  2. thats pretty neat, I hate seeing wires everywhere

  3. yeah I hate wires as well… I heard of this new technology called flatwires but I dont know if they are available in Kuwait?!

  4. Can you imagine going through an airport with that thing???

  5. MSB: loool! I think its just normal dates!

    Laialy: I know, thats why I liked it!

    Ansam: I have heard of them before but I have never seen it on sale.

    tmz_99: hahaha! I have no clue!

    N: yup!

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