Review: Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End


The final episode of this hilarious trilogy, I have been a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean since the first movie. I can’t see to get enough of Johnny Depp, he is an amazing actor, he makes this movie what it is. This final ties up all the stories together and you get to see all the characters from before and new ones. The pirates are at stand off with the company and they have to find a way out, and the pirates might not survive this battle. The pirates have to find Johnny Depp who is stuck in Davey Jones Locker, then they have another quest to find their solution. The best part is seeing the funny parts unravel as they trek about the oceans and one pirate betraying the other. It is a good and entertaining conclusion to this trilogy.


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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i thought it was drawn out a bit too long.. and a little on the boring end. the first part was the best by far.

  2. I wasn’t impressed … i though the ending was lame … someone needs to die

  3. I thought the part with .. snooze.

    And when Johnny Depp went in and .. snooze.

    Then the guy with the lobster hands started .. snooze.

  4. I totally agree with K! That’s exactly how I felt. I kept forcing myself to wake up..

  5. I need to watch a marathon!

  6. MSB: The first was the best, thats true!

    Jacqui: It is!

    Laialy: hahahaha! Its a disney movie!

    K: ahahahahaha!

    MSB: He was asleep for other reasons!

    N: You got a lot to choose from!

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