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Aerion Supersonic Jet


After the British Airways Concord I didn’t think they would make another supersonic jet for a while, but it seems they are making one now. This plane goes for $80’000’000 and Sheikh Rashid of Dubai just purchased one. This plane is so fast it can cover the Atlantic Ocean in two hours, it can cruise at 1.5 Mach where allowed with a top speed of 1.6 Mach, this machine can create a sonic boom that can destroy buildings. In the US it can only travel at 0.98 Mach due to regulation and travel at certain speeds due to regulation, but if you want to get somewhere fast then this is the plane for you.


It has a ceiling of 51’000 feet and you have to put a $250’000 deposit to get one in 2014 which is expected delivery.

Link: OhGizmo