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Review: Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme


Doctor Stephen Strange was a neurosurgeon in a prominent hospital in New York, suddenly he witness a battle in the realm of magic in front of him which he thinks is a hallucination. He ignores what he saw and continues with his life until one day he sees something no normal human can see, and suddenly gets into a car accident which renders his hands useless as a surgeon. From that point on he searches for a solution and finds none, he continues on this path until he has destroyed his life. When he has reached bottom he is shown a path which leads to Tibet and may hold his answers. This is a well made animation with a story line to boot, it revolves around Dr. Strange and his path to becoming the powerful magician, it shows the origins of his powers and how he came to be. The action in this movie is superb and quality is high, it seems Marvel are coming out with good quality animated movie to bring back the popularity of their characters, if they continue on this path then they will succeed.


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