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Saturday Outing


I woke to my friends call asking if I want to ride, I was feeling tired but there is no way I would miss on riding on a Saturday morning. As soon as I got up, I showered and loaded my mp3 player with new music that I ripped from all the CDs I bought, so my mp3 player is 70% Hip Hop & RnB, 20% Dance & House, and 10% Rock. I wanted to change the line up of music since I have gotten tired of what I have on it, and I have a large selection so recently I have been ripping all my CDs to the computer.


We decided to meet up at Costa in Bide’a by 9:00 am, so I headed downstairs and the bike just looked ready to roll, I started up the bike to warm it up while I put on my gear, within minutes I was flying down the road. I found two bikes there, and we were waiting for the fourth rider. Whats great about riding is that when you really get into it you are bonded by the spirit of riding which goes beyond normal bonds. We just started discussing all the different riding, types of gear, situations, what usually goes through our head, and it was a lot of fun.


As soon as the fourth rider showed up we headed to the Miseela gas station to fill up and head out. Then we were on the road getting used to the group, it seems they put me as the ride leader and some of the guys have experience riding, and we formed into a group on the road in staggered formation. From there we headed down the gulf road and enjoying the ride, we were taking it at a very comfortable pace and we would speed at certain times, it was enjoyable and we were laughing at one rider who we shall name “The Stig”, lets just say its fun to watch him ride.


After a while one of the bikes had to fill up gas, but before that we stopped by KPC and had some KDD ice cream while we relaxed. Then we went back down the GulfRoad to go to Marina for some Coffee, I don’t drink Coffee but some of the other guys do. At Marina I saw some family and chatted with them a bit before heading back home and it looked like it was going to rain so I hurried back.