Guiter Hero… No


I tried to play Guitar Hero on the Wii the other week and I watched my friend play it. I thought to myself he makes it look simple and there must be a way to get it down. He was at a certain level that I had no clue things were, so I thought I would give it a try after watching him for 15 minutes.

I chose a song that I knew, so I went with Guns & Roses – Welcome to Jungle. When the song start I managed to get a few right, then suddenly I was missed everything, then I started laughing because I was messing it up so bad even the Wii booed me. I was laughing so hard, and I think I pulled my calf muscle trying real hard to get it right but I couldn’t manage to recover. The game is harder then it looks and I was laughing my head off at the horrible performance of mine.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. well, the song does say that it’ll bring you to your kn-n-n-n-n-n-neees! :) e7med Rabbehku just pulled your calf muscle, nothing more!

  2. Ayshay

    you gotta start somewhere!

    When I first tried GH2 I failed a song on easy but i got much better and now i can beat quite a few songs on hard, helps to go through the tutorial too :P

  3. We are getting Rock Band and having a competition in your Diwaniya ..

  4. is that the same game they were playing on one of the gossip girl episodes? it looked like fun

  5. ive tried it here in Dubai , the girl working the electronics shop beat me , i mean i can play real guitar! but finding it hard to play on a blastic guitar with bottoms !! :)
    i will wait for Rock band and compare them both

  6. Marzouq,
    Did you play on Easy? There’s also practice mode which makes things even slower.

  7. Mo Hat

    Yeah it looks real simple, then when you pick it up, hahaha. Just buy it and keep training you’ll improve loads.

    K, sign me up! :D

  8. Halicy

    “Welcome to Jungle” is a hard choice as a start buddy :)
    go for somthing a bit softer

  9. MSB: looool! I just didn’t have the skillz!

    Ayshay: I just wanted to try it out! It looked fun, but I was horrible! lool!

    K: I will beat them with a khaizaraana!

    Laialy: I think so!

    Laziale: That is insane, that people are getting so good at it that they are beating real guitar players!

    abdvallah: I didn’t bother I just jumped right into it!

    Mo Hat: Long time no see! How you doing buddy? I don’t own it! I was just playing around with it!

    Halicy: I know, but I had to go with a song I love!

  10. ok i just reread my comment.. i have no idea what “Rabbehku” is, but i’m pretty sure i was trying to say “Rabbek u” :)

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