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Guiter Hero… No


I tried to play Guitar Hero on the Wii the other week and I watched my friend play it. I thought to myself he makes it look simple and there must be a way to get it down. He was at a certain level that I had no clue things were, so I thought I would give it a try after watching him for 15 minutes.

I chose a song that I knew, so I went with Guns & Roses – Welcome to Jungle. When the song start I managed to get a few right, then suddenly I was missed everything, then I started laughing because I was messing it up so bad even the Wii booed me. I was laughing so hard, and I think I pulled my calf muscle trying real hard to get it right but I couldn’t manage to recover. The game is harder then it looks and I was laughing my head off at the horrible performance of mine.