GulfRun – Took Bahrain By Storm


I was happy to see the website has been updated and there are a lot more pictures there then just mine. There are pictures at the car wash and other times, the best thing I am waiting for is the video which has to be fantastic. They also updated information of all that took place, I went ahead and copied the information regarding who won. We still talk about everything and how much fun we had, even getting there was hilarious. I will be first to register when they open the event for next year.



Circuit Champion : Mohammed Al-Sayer in his Noble M400
Drag Champion : Ali Ashkanani in his Porsche Turbo
Ultimate Driver : Mohammed Al-Sayer in his Noble M400

Link: GulfRun Media

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Halicy

    Beautiful.. Absolutely beautiful .

  2. Do give us the link for the video when they have it ready please :-)

  3. Damon Dash

    i know for a face that those three people you mentioned are millionaires , so basically still the rule applies in this race too , the more money you have the better chance you have for winning.

  4. Halicy: yes, very!

    Ansam: I will as soon as I get it!

    Outkasty: Do it when you can!

    Laialy: yup, I just didn’t know! loool!

    Damon Dash: I think you don’t really understand, a lot of the people are modest and have good cars such as the modified Mitsubishi Evolution 9 which was doing extremely well on the track. If they can buy better cars then so be it, but it was 90% about the driving. If you have that outlook you would never win a race, I beat cars which statistically I can’t beat but I did, and I beat them by a lot! :)

  5. Not necessarily .. The Noble costs ~28,000 KWD .. which is cheaper than most of the other vehicles on the track (Porsche, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ford) .. so it comes down to having a good car and a better driver.

  6. Sweeet mabriook to all the winners!

  7. Damon Dash

    i agree but still you MUST have a super car to be number one reading from those standings and previous gulfruns

    from the standings its mostly car type because not even one modest car in the top 3

  8. Damon:

    At the end of the day its a car event .. and that usually takes time and money to modify and built a capable car (as with most endeavorers in life).

    However, just being rich or throwing cash at your garage/tuner is not going to grant you a automatic win. Many of the cars were highly modified with several thousand kd invested in them .. and a majority of them didn’t even break into the top ten. To give you an idea, fourth place went to a Mitsubishi Evolution .. which easily thrashed the Lambos, Ferraris and Mercedes around the track.

  9. And another note,

    In GulfRun1/2 we didn’t have winners/trophies; in GulfRun3 the complete list hasn’t been posted anywhere (I am the only person with a copy). So I don’t know where you got your details for previous standings.

    And for the sake of discussion, This is not a F1 race, this is not a regional racing championship .. this is a group of guys that headed to the BIC to learn how to drive, have fun and thrash around a track.

  10. K: that is the combination!

    N: yup!

    Damon Dash: I think you need to understand the side of tuning vehicles, you will need expertise and experience and then you have to know how to drive your vehicle. It will cost you to do anything but no matter how much money you spend doesn’t mean you will win if your a crappy driver. Its a combination of both and that is always the case.

    K: yup, you covered all the points.

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