KTM is one of the most successful motorcycle manufacturers in Europe, and recently they have jumped into the Sports Bike Arena. After a long amount of research they have came up with an amazing creation which is the RC8.


This is an 1190 CC engine which outputs 155 bhp, and with its futuristic design it looks like it goes even faster. It comes in either orange/black and white/black, but I prefer the orange since its KTM’s color. This will be available in 2008 and I bet it looks fierce in real life.

Link: WebBikeWorld





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  1. Halicy

    Amazing look and style.. But since KTM is new in the super bikes field, am a bit worried abt the performance.

  2. this is what i call a new bike or a new design

    KTM did a very good job

  3. i wanted this bike ever since it was a concept can’t wait till it’s out. Their Xbow car is also damn nice!

  4. Halicy: I am not worried about performance since they have had torquey engines for a long time now, so they know what they are doing!

    MSB: yes!

    vampire: what a great looking machine!

    punky: The XBow is just something else!

    Outkasty: Its a great machine!

  5. encoded

    really innovative design. whats the performance spec on this beauty? like the 0-100, top speed and that kind of data?

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