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My Shoes


When it comes to shoes I don’t change much since if its comfortable on my foot then I keep using them for the longest time. When I found the brand D.J.Pliner about five years ago it was the strange material on the shoe that looked interesting, its a black stretchy plastic that is extremely comfortable but looks semi-casual, so I can wear in a lot of different occasions, there was even times I was riding my motorcycle with those shoes (That is when I didn’t know any better).


After having one pair of shoes from the same brand for a few years I decided to try their shoes and they have some really comfortable shoes. Something that can be worn with a suit or something that can be worn with jeans. What I like is how comfortable they are, but breaking in new shoes is a bit annoying and that is what I have run into over the past couple of days, its funny I ‘m walking a little different to try to stretch the shoes to make sure its broken in, but it takes a while to get the fit just right. When I find something which is a good fit I stick to it, until it falls apart.


Link: DJPliner