SL55 Atrocity


I was driving back from a meeting when I saw this vehicle on the road, and I was horrified with what this person did to this car. I didn’t notice the model of the Mercedes SL because of the pain of viewing such an atrocious color. I know that Mercedes doesn’t offer this color, they wouldn’t even service this vehicle due to how ugly it is. I was shocked to see that it is an SL 55 which is a great vehicle (but not for the track), and how this person is treating it. Saying its an eyesore is an understatement, even the front window had large sticker across the top and a crack front windshield.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. D.

    I don’t like yellow cars in general. They look silly to me.

  2. Its ugly, but there are worse things i have seen.

  3. I truelly wonder why do they do such things to nice cars! and totally puzzles me that how hard it is to know that BLACK rules! you cant go wrong with BLACK on a car! especially a merc. SL55

    but the other day i saw an old SL,,,,,, SHINY LAVENDER

    which makes this guy ra3i thouq

  4. moocherx

    Yellow paint is an excellent anti-theft device.

  5. I think Mr. Benz is turning in his grave

  6. ive seen worse! bs given its a pricy car LEESH!?

  7. K: But not to a car like this!

    Stallion: This was an ugly pale yellow!

    D: This is just horrible though!

    Chirp: that is true, but not to a nice car like this!

    Q80-ChillGirl: looool! Sij ra3i thooq!

    moocherx: It won’t be stolen thats for sure!

    jessyz: yup!

    Ms.D: yup, this being a pricey car is my issue!

  8. It might say SL55 on the back, but that sure as hell ain’t no SL55 made by AMG. Looks like it was given the AMG treatment in Shuwaikh

  9. Halicy

    damn ugly! its a matter of taste after all. ” el rkhee9 rkhee9 lo rekab ‘3aly”

  10. ewwwwwwwwww tweety car again! thats fucked up!

  11. Are you between bayan and mishref somewhere i think i have been at that traffic light too many times
    anyway, about the car … one word can describe it “Fugly”

  12. punky: hahaha! Good eye!

    Halicy: well said!

    ananyah: loooool!

    Laialy: Nope that was between Kaifan and Shuweikh! loool! Fugly!!

  13. I disagree with you Z, the car looks nice and alive to me. Maybe with black alloy’s ?

  14. propranolol

    we get it. you learned a new word. hurrah for atrocious. and the car? not that bad. but your dramatics made me hate it.

  15. mishref: Well I would agree if the paint was done right, but I don’t think yellow should be on this car, its just looks very wrong, and it does hurt the eyes when you see it. Not like a Yellow Corvette or Ferrari!

    propranolol: Well to each his taste, I have voiced mine. If you see the car you can see that it was done so cheaply or the car was stolen.

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