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Tristar – Real Service


I have been dealing with TriStar for exactly two years now since the first time I bought my motorcycle from them, and I have always been happy about the service that I receive from them. They are the representatives of KTM, BMW, and Ducati, so they represent these brands in Kuwait. This is the first time I see a dealership get into an argument with the main vendor and fail complaints for your case as well as replace the parts without an ounce of complaints from my self.

The issue I have had is that my racing clutch was acting strange, and it was very aggressive which is abnormal for a racing clutch which is supposed to make shifting smoother. The gear change from first was so rough at times that my bike would literally jump from under me, this was the case about four weeks ago and I called them to tell them the issue. They took my bike the next afternoon and they said they would get back to me.


They called me the next day telling me they test drove the bike, and something is definitely not right but Ducati is saying this shifting is normal. After they failed a complaint that this isn’t the case they usually wait for the vendor to warranty the part to change it, but Ducati didn’t get back to them. Instead they contacted me and gave me the update of what they think and what Ducati thinks. I let them be since I knew they were making an effort to make sure things were getting done, then I get a call the week after telling me they are disappointed with the engineer at Ducati and they filed a complaint regarding that engineer since he was very slow giving feedback, and they warrantied the part from them and replaced it. They said they would deal with the factory to get the part warrantied.

I have not seen this happen in the US let alone for it to happen in Kuwait, I don’t think I will be riding bikes other then what TriStar sells, I just hope they keep getting beautiful bikes as they do, I can’t wait for the KTM RC8.