Was Hungry


After a few days of taking it easy on the food and getting very little sleep I reached a point of zombie like energy. I felt that I wasn’t completely 100% and I still wanted to function but my body wanted to shutdown. The funniest thing is that I could literally smell everything from seeds (7ab) to fruit, I think I just wanted to eat everything in front of me but I resisted until having dinner with the family. At that point I thought I just want sustance and that is what I got, I honestly just wanted to eat what was in from of me, I didn’t want to try anything else or reach farther then what was necessary.





A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I’m having spaghetti today!!! lol, bel 3afiya I know the feeling you want to just devour everything in front of you!

  2. sa7tein :) My God this looks good man! I am hungry now

  3. hmmm yumm! 3alaik bel3afia
    it all looks good :-D

  4. N: alah e3afeek! Its was just pure hunger!

    chikaP: mashkoora! lol!

    Ansam: alah e3afeech! There was more but I was too tired to take more pictures!

  5. Purgatory72

    ah food posts :)

    am sleepy

  6. and i’m hungry NOW,, just waiting for lunch to be served

  7. baye a3esh eb bet`kom 3ashan akil the dish in the pic under the sambosak pic.. ABY!!

  8. bel 3afiya! the macaroni and samboosa look amazing!

  9. what are those little balls in the distance !!!!!
    i didn’t recognize the warag 3inab for a while ma adri lish it looked like la7am to me
    bil 3afyaaa

  10. pink


  11. deliciousssss….no wonder y ur gaining some extra meat…:P

  12. What are we having for dinner?

  13. By the way, does anyone eating with you ever ask you why you keep taking pictures of the food?? =P

  14. i should never read ur posts when im hungry
    u just make it worse

  15. G-Funk: loool!

    Purg: We are always on the same page!

    vampire: loool! I am now too!

    Ms. D: loooool! Warag 3enab or Vine Leaves, its good!

    ananyah: alah e3afeech!

    Laialy: alah e3afeech, they are bu6aa6ah chaab! :)

    MAZE: yup, that is my problem!

    Rashisha: looool!

    pearls: yup!

    Mark: None of your business! loool

    Dyxio: I take the pictures before people arrive then I hide the camera! lol

    eshda3wa: loooool!

  16. ashwa.. i’m not hungry now so ur pics dont have their usual effect on me! bil 3afya 3-4 days later! :/

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