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After realizing I haven’t taken any passport pictures since I was 16 yearold I decided to get some done in my rugby pullover. I didn’t have a clue where to go and I remembered somebody telling me Bushehri shutdown a while back now. So I called up a few people and I was given a number to call. I talked to him and he told me to come to PhotoKina in Hawally which I did.

The place was relatively easy to find and the staff were very easy. The man put me in a seat and started flashing a million flashes and blinded me but he took all the necessary shots. When I saw my pictures on the computer I felt that I looked like an escaped criminal, the pictures look funny but at least people will stop saying that its not in the passport. Now I will go another while before taking pictures at a studio, but they did a decent job.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Photo Kina transform you into another person! I sometimes look and say… is that ME!? LOL
    I agree with Vampire, Nuzha co-op are just fine.

  2. You should have just come over .. I still have the D200 and backdrop from GulfRun.

  3. lfc-q8

    yeah whats wrong with jam3iya?

  4. i like to use the one in mishref a little old style but the pictures are nice … the place resides somewhere behind the girls high school

  5. I go to the one in mishref too, the one Laialy mentioned. You get the job done and the guy there is very friendly, he’s been working there for a LONG time. Ansam is right about photokina they do transform you into a different person, somehow. lol. Jam3iya facilities are the best.

  6. N I swear my dad didnt recognize me… I didnt recognize me! My features were blended with the skin and my dad ask me to take another one… but it honestly depends on the person behind the camera

  7. 3adi the ones you saw on the computer will be completely transformed, in the end you won’t even look lke yourself. They will photoshop the hell out of it, which is why i like the one in nuzha (the picture actually looks like you).

  8. Jam3ia jam3ia jam3ia! 9war fawreya eb dinar o nis bel kether!

  9. Studio shot passport photo? Sweet idea… I dressed like a priest for my drivers licence, hope it gets me some clout with religious cops.

  10. Kina are good i went to them recently when finis was moving to al-fanar ,,, they are good too! located in Al-Fanar, go up the stairs to the old cinema gate, through the corridor, take a left just before the new cinema back door, pass by the bathroom “i found it hillarious that their place is after the bathroom” then ur there in finis “u can tell by now that am crappy with spelling”

    BUT both places were found by my sis,, i HATE taking pictures and the last one i did take was for a visa @ kina, at this point i really lost track of what i wanted to say! lol

  11. Stallion: Nah

    vampire: I didn’t even think they had a coop!

    Ansam: They turned me into a criminal! hahaha

    K: I didn’t think about that one!

    lfc-q8: Nothing really, just didn’t know who was good

    Laialy: Behind the girls highschool? R U Sure?

    Jacqui: A bit! hahaha

    N: Photokina turned me into a villan!

    Ansam: That is funny!

    EniGma: It was transformed into a villan! Pure evil! It looked like I just stabbed someone!

    Ra7aLaH: lol

    tmz_99: hahaha

    Q80-ChillGirl: looooooooool!

  12. somewhere in that area, i always get lost but eventually find it … there is a baqallah there

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