Packing Light


This is a short notice 24 hour trip to Dubai to get some work done and get back, I have begun to get annoyed with these really short trips. I don’t mind if I can drive there, when driving its an exploration.

At this point I only paccked a few t-shirts and a few shirts for this trip and nothing much, its very light and simple. I didn’t want to check-in a bag so I packed it all into my carry on. I just loaded up my laptop with a few episodes of anime and some reading material and I am good to go. The airport is filled with a few people taking business trips as well you could tell from their attire and what they are reading.

I ran into an old friend and I didn’t even know he was married which was a surprise. He is traveling with his wife to take her CFA exam in Abu Dhabi, and he finished his a little while ago. There is always a surprise at the airport.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i’m going to dubai mid December enshala

  2. I just saw you at the mishref car show today. Whoa! You look nothing like I had expected! I was standing like inches behind you when you just revved up your bike and smoked my face!
    Nice and wavy long hair…john abraham…hehe..

  3. I like surprises. lol, especially when they involve old friends.

  4. vampire: I keep going!

    Laialy: alah esalmich!

    MpJs: I wasn’t even in Kuwait!

    N: yup

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