Piedmont iChair


I usually like like these deep chairs since they are very comfortable and you can sit in it for hours. From what I have experienced from Pottery Barn they don’t build the quality item that lasts long, its comfortable and made from nice material for a while but not too long. This is a different concept, it seems even furniture companies are catering to the needs of Apple enthusiasts, but you have to love Apple to buy this chair because the price is outrageous.

Price: $1500

Link: UnCrate

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  1. i don’t see what makes this chair and ichair! i don’t get it

  2. You should really state why this chair is called an iChair, especially if you’re writing a ‘review’.

    “Piedmont iChair
    …iChair ($1500) is a classic, deep-seated leather chair with speakers built into the wings for playing music from any portable player… “

  3. It’s ridiculous how everyone’s using the ipod in their ads. Sure it may bring everyone to believe that this is the chair they’ve been looking for, that they should buy it now – it has their ipod resting on it for god’s sake! lol. but this technique has been used too much right now, amazingly it still works.

  4. Laialy: iPod integration!

    Wile.E.Coyote: It wasn’t a review since I have never tried it, I’m talking about Pottery Barn furniture overall from experience not this specific chair!

    Shaymaa: There is a demand!

    Jacqui: lol!

    BIE: Its nice but overpriced

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