2008 AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport based on BMW M3


I have been a fan of AC Schnitzer for a while now but recently over the past few years they have come up with some very strange designs which I haven’t found appealing. This is the first AC Schnitzer machine that I think looks extremely good, they have made the new M3 look more aggressive with a sportier stance and they have also improved upon the shifting with the Aachen short shifter and installed a Aachen exhaust system. I don’t like the black rims, but the other rims I do like, they have done a good job with this BMW.

Link: SeriousWheels








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  1. Man stop posting cool car pictures while most of us can’t afford getting one of those. Let us live in denile !

  2. Banks offer loans y’know!

    Up to 70,000! ;)

  3. Now how abt, we painted this car in aubergine or Pink Panther Pink?
    Will set the tone for the flavor of this season. What say?

  4. 70 alf 7ag el bait ely btshtreeh mo sayara !

  5. Mishghef, the BMW 3 series individual coupe is for only 14,000 K.D.
    hathy il M3 khalha 3ala kittir shway =/

  6. Halicy

    i dont know why but i dont like it at all. its a bit too much.
    as u said its a “very strange designs”.
    AC Schnitzer did a lot more better than that.

  7. mishref: loool!

    suspic: for house?

    your precociously: I would probably have it stolen!

    mishref: looool!

    Outkasty: You know your prices!

    Halicy: I think is one of their better recent ones!

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