Delivery Prices


I needed to send a parcel ugrently to the UK and I thought that the surest way to get it there would be by DHL since they are based in Europe. I had three options and I was only sending an envelope with a piece of paper in it so I didn’t think the difference would be so much, but I was mistaken. The piece of paper is about half the size of A4 paper and its doesn’t weigh anything at all.


  • DHL – 25.700 KD
  • FedEx – 13.800 KD
  • TNT – 5.000 KD

These are some varying prices, and in the US you can send next day for $10 and its about the same distance.

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  1. the cheap shipping prices in the US is due to local shipping and so many shipping company,, the competetion is fierce there

  2. Ahmad

    I think DHL are still living in the stone age!

    Their prices are so outrageous that you know they’re robbing you blind!

  3. albusairi

    show up at DHL with KNPC staff id and you’ll get 50% discount ..
    thats so unfair

  4. True..these prices keep on getting higher and higher with time! It’s not just DHL and FedEx..Aramex also is demanding ridiculous prices! zadat il ma3ashat chan tzeed il as3ar ga9een 3alaina -_-

  5. Damn, thats too much. But its worth it sometimes, as we have to mail some important papers.
    By the way, whats TNT? Never heard of it before.

  6. Sarah

    you can send through aramex at any almuzaini branch fpr 3.5kd only.. it will arrive within 3 days

  7. Kuwait needs a decent reliable postal service, SERIOUSLY

  8. If I use corporate discount the drop off in price is HUGE!
    I dont know why they charge this much for a letter! Its ridiculous!

  9. Link to Deera Chat’s episode about this topic :P

  10. Cerebral Assassin

    ok what about TNT?

  11. vampire: It is the same here!

    Ahmad: That is true!

    albusairi: Really, I didn’t know that!

    Kaileena: They say its plane gas prices!

    Midoe: I know what you mean, TNT is another courier service they seem to be good!

    Sarah: Sometimes you want gaurantees for next day!

    Laialy: thats an understatement!

    Ansam: That is very overpriced!

    3baid: Didn’t even know they had one!

    Cerebral Assassin: The delivery has been off sometimes and I have seen what they do when on the recieving end.

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