Review: Home of the Brave


This is a real interesting movie about the lives of soldiers and what they go through after they have served their time in military that is at war. And these American soldiers are the ones in Iraq who have only a few days to go home and they are ambushed on that one last mission that which will affect them more them the rest of their lives. It is an amazing and heart felt story about how these soldiers feel after the war and it shows how they can relate to each other how distant they feel from their normal lives. Jessica Biel, Samuel L. Jackson, and Brian Presely play the perfect roles of these soldiers and each having gone through their own issues, some of their friends day in Iraq and some of their friends die at home because they can not change what they saw or felt when they were fighting the war. It is a moving story and worth seeing with really good actors.



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  1. Oh! I wanted to watch it ever since I saw the trailer at Cine-Scape..

  2. definitely a good one! anyone who’s watched any of the talk shows that’ve hosted soldiers who have come back from the war, or read any related articles, will see how real this movie is.

  3. I heard it some shots were filmed in the Middle East…??

    I have not seen it yet, but looking forward to that

  4. haha Fiddy!
    There are just too many of these movies … i am tired of them

  5. chikaP: Its good!

    MSB: Yup!

    Ansam: They had to be or Arizona!

    Laialy: yeah, I know what you mean but this was good!

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