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The Flight


I have really gotten used to Emirates Airlines, it has become rare for them to be on time, they are either 30 minutes late or 2 hours or more. It just seems odd that an airline like this is consistantnly late, I’m happy I have a really short trip so I don’t have to check in my bags, it seems that Emirates Airlines have started losing bags recently.


The staff for Emirates Airlines are very nice and I have never had an issue with the staff and having their own terminal in Dubai Airport does help. The business class is decent but I think they can do bettter for the price, but the economy is a bit cramped for me. I tend to hit should to should with the people next to me, I think they are trying to pack as many people as they can into the plane.


The flight was pleasent and I managed to watch a lot of anime both ways of the trip so I was enjoying myself the whole way to and from Kuwait.