The Flight


I have really gotten used to Emirates Airlines, it has become rare for them to be on time, they are either 30 minutes late or 2 hours or more. It just seems odd that an airline like this is consistantnly late, I’m happy I have a really short trip so I don’t have to check in my bags, it seems that Emirates Airlines have started losing bags recently.


The staff for Emirates Airlines are very nice and I have never had an issue with the staff and having their own terminal in Dubai Airport does help. The business class is decent but I think they can do bettter for the price, but the economy is a bit cramped for me. I tend to hit should to should with the people next to me, I think they are trying to pack as many people as they can into the plane.


The flight was pleasent and I managed to watch a lot of anime both ways of the trip so I was enjoying myself the whole way to and from Kuwait.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i’ll be watching an ample amount of TV in about 2 weeeeeeks ^_^

  2. 7emdilla 3asalama.. we were in the same flight back to kuwait :P

  3. welcome back.. hope u enjoyed Dubai.. shakla everyone was there this wknd!!

  4. Yeah they lost anes’s baggage

  5. Avoid transiting through Dubai International as much as possible for about the next year to a year and a half. The congestion at the airport is going to get worse some more before it gets any better. Had been in transit on my way to Istanbul and believe me the entire airport ( lounges, duty free
    and restaurants) was a riot!

  6. Laialy: Yala toosleen bil salamah!

    Ms. D: Alah esalmich! Really?

    MSB: Yup! Very much!

    Q80-ChillGirl: Thanks!

    K: I got the calls!

    Mark: Your kidding me!

    Little Pascal: I know what you mean, getting to be too crowded!

  7. yes really! i was sittin behind u guys :P i guess even 3nd eljawazat :P

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