Borders Again


I still can’t get enough of borders, there is always something I might have the last time I visited the store. So I sift through the books reading titles and authors wondering which one might interest me. The one thing I do is jot down book names and authors in the notes of my phone to add it to a list of books I want to buy, I read some really interesting books that I would want to read at a later point.


I seemed to have found the books for Halo that I completely forgot about and it was very difficult not to buy books with the Master Chief on the cover. I know I will buy it at a later point. I picked up a few magazines since they have a very large selection, I picked up a few motorcycle, car, cinema, and pc magazines to read at some point. I have had magazines pile up and I’m not sure when I’m going to read them all but I am.


Its funny even with such a large store and a big selection I remember books that I have seen at other book stores in London that weren’t available at this bookstore. There are so many books and not enough space, they should make it at least two floors of the same size to accomodate all these books and different genres.







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  1. that borders look shar7 … usually , or at least the ones i’ve seen here, are a little more packed

  2. Laialy: yup this is pretty big, but the back is filled with random things such as drawing equipment and paper, it should be all books!

  3. seriouslly, why can’t they open one in Kuwait? WHY?

  4. shopa: Its called… MINISTRY OF INFORMATION!!! All they do is stop this type of business!!

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