Night Rain Ride


This was a ride I have been looking forward to for a few days, I didn’t get a chance to ride during the weekend since traveling for work. So I contacted a few people and told them the idea about a night ride and they were up for it.


I got a few riders together and I thought one of my friends could ride but that was a major mistake and he couldn’t ride. I had to ride the other motorcycle back home since it would be too dangerous for him to go with us. The worst thing a rider can do is overestimate his skills, so instead of four riders and a car, we were three riders and a car, it was one hell of cramped car we were laughing our heads off.


We filled up gas at the Bayan gas station around 8:10 pm, then we rode off from there to Julai’a to go to Starbucks and it started lightly raining. I haven’t ridden in the rain in two years other then the time it rained hail and I got soaked and beat up from the hail. It was a nice light right and I was wearing my full leather jacket so I was feeling good about the ride and we were riding in formation with the car trailing behind us.


We got Starbucks and ordered our drinks, we got sandwiches, and then one of the guys went to the supermarket across the hall and got some glass cheese and bread. It was one of the funniest times we have had, since we were the only ones at Starbucks we didn’t care and we were enjoying ourselves. When we headed out it started raining a little harder but we were all pumped up to ride in the rain, and I just told them take it easy and they will be fine, I do enjoy riding the rain, but it was only a light drizzle for a bout 5 minutes. It was a good night of riding, and this will be repeated with a few more riders and little bit more planning.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. JoJo

    I was tempted to ride also but having put many years of riding behind me I decided not to !! With the first rain the road are still very slippery from all the oils,diesel,greese etc.The tires can handel the rain but not the other stuff !!
    Also may be your friend should call TriStar for a training course.

  2. I’m riding my bike to work even though it might rain. I figured sooner or later I am going to end up riding in the rain so might as well get it over and done with.

  3. Hello Robo ^_^
    hahaha, these in nothing like jibin glass o khoboz yum!

  4. lot’s of fun and loads of laughs

    we need to repeat it soon Marzouq

  5. JoJo: I am arranging for a training course for that idiot! And your right with the first rain everything comes out but its just about taking it easy.

    Mark: It isn’t something bad, just take it easy and no sudden changes, be smooth!

    Laialy: looool! yup!

    vampire: There will be a repeat! But more riders and better done!

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