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Passport Update


I went the other day to get my passport update so that I have new one with an updated photo (Which makes me look like a criminal). So I went to get my passport updated and they told me it would take one day, then I told them I want to change my occupation to what I do, they said that would take an extra two to three days. So I told them what occupation they could put and they had some of the dumbest requirements I have heard, except for one which was reasonable.


  • Manager – You are in a private institution there are only managers in government institutions
  • Engineer – I need documents from the Engineering Guild, which I haven’t gotten around to, its a reasonable request
  • Business Man – A letter from the Ministry of Commerce saying my company is a legitimate company and I work there

End result I just went with student because I want my damn passport and I didn’t want to wait another few weeks until they figure out what the hell documents they want.