Passport Update


I went the other day to get my passport update so that I have new one with an updated photo (Which makes me look like a criminal). So I went to get my passport updated and they told me it would take one day, then I told them I want to change my occupation to what I do, they said that would take an extra two to three days. So I told them what occupation they could put and they had some of the dumbest requirements I have heard, except for one which was reasonable.


  • Manager – You are in a private institution there are only managers in government institutions
  • Engineer – I need documents from the Engineering Guild, which I haven’t gotten around to, its a reasonable request
  • Business Man – A letter from the Ministry of Commerce saying my company is a legitimate company and I work there

End result I just went with student because I want my damn passport and I didn’t want to wait another few weeks until they figure out what the hell documents they want.

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  1. “Manager – You are in a private institution there are only managers in government institutions ”

    another really fucking stupid rule as usual, it joins the thousands of stupid fucking rules that have not been updated in a millenium by thr govt

    ps – i wouldnt put student if i were you

  2. I just checked mine…. I am a HOUSEWIFE!!! No no I am just kidding. I am employee, but I knew about it cuz’ my sister did it before, so I got all the papers they needed to change it from a “student” to “employee”

    Heehee so you’re a student when you travel! :-P

  3. You should have gone with Employee “Muwathaf” Student will cause more problems than needed.

  4. Purgatory

    Put employee, they do not need anything for that.

  5. LOL!

    Its Kuwait, its 7koma! Sht7cHaaaaaaaaaaaa? WaaaY ALLA y3eenk! I know this feeling when u see stupid things, stupid ppl, stupid kil shay! For me, it hurts, as poor Kuwait :(

    Alla kareem bs!

  6. BZ

    You don’t need any documents to put “employee”. As far as for “Engineer”, a letter from your company stating you’re an engineer working for them is pretty much all you need, at least that’s how I did it! I never joined that Engineering Guild/Society.

  7. K: hmmmm! Didn’t think about that!

    Laialy: Kuwait and the loops!

    Amer: I want my passport! So I just put student!

    Ansam: looool! Thats hilarious! Change it! Now I’m going to change my title to assasin!

    Spicy Pepper: Really, what kind of problems!

    Outkasty: I think I can’t take HouseWife!

    Purg: Didn’t know that at the time!

    Mai: Inshalla things will improve!

    BZ: They told me a letter from the company won’t do for an Engineer. They are idiots!

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