Porsche Design P’9521


I knew about this phone for a while now, but I wasn’t interested in since I knew it would have a ridiculous price I just wasn’t sure how ridiculous until I saw it in Dubai. It is selling for $1666.66 which is just out there for a phone. They are selling it for 450 KD and it does have some good features, and it is a solid feeling phone but relatively light for something made from solid aluminum. It has a very nice feel to but its too bulky, and it comes with concierge service that I really don’t think its worth it except for those wanting it for its looks. At least I think its worth a lot more then the crap Vertu phone which is really a horrible phone with very little features but extremely expensive, this is a better phone with concierge service.


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  1. Halicy

    Whats so special about it other than the brand name “PORSCHE”?
    Any EXCLUSIVE features?
    Ugly/ Expensive/ Not worth it

  2. doesn’t look special in anyway… if you ask me looks like an old flip phone

  3. I agree Vertu is utterly and totally crap but it does come with the concierge service like the p design phone. Every vertu phone comes with it. I still dont see the point of paying that much for a phone.

  4. Yeah, totally not worth it honestly.

  5. Halicy: It looked like it might have a good interface but I do like the looks of it, but price really not worth it!

    Laialy: lol! I think your right, but I like the clean lines!

    abdvllah: just a chunk of aluminum!

    Spicy Pepper: The concierge service is bad as well so they are really not worth it!

    N: yup!

  6. pernam

    the money you’ll it is absolutly NOt worth.
    I bought it and i hate it. the software is horoble, i had to change my phone a 4 times. Maybe the design will people look at you and ask for it, thats for some the only reason.
    I just tried also for fun the concierge service but n the moment i tried to open the the special website to use the service i only get a page not found, what for good image;)
    you just pay the name, because inside its a sagem, yes a sagem! for anybody who doesn’t know sagem, let me say one thing: You don’t need to know them. they ar not competitive with brand like nokia, samsung, sonyerricson, etc.
    Now, at least i try to sell my phone!

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