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Rib Room


I am a very picky person when it comes to my steak, I have had some amazing steaks over the years and so I know quality meat when I taste it. There are so many different kinds and so many ways to eat it. I think Middle Easterners and Arabs don’t know how to enjoy a steak they have this strange fear of seeing red, a little red doesn’t mean blood but they most people don’t listen and ask for it well done so it becomes like a piece of rubber and they won’t really know what they are missing.


When I try a new place and it seems relatively good I tend to go with Medium Rare with any of my meats, I go with a few different cuts depending on what I feel like. Its usually between the Rib Eye and Porter House since those are the juiciest cuts. I have tried the Rib Room a few times at this point and I have to say they are very consistent with the quality of food they have. Out of all the meat places I have tried in the Middle East this is probably the best Steak place available, I have tried much better in Northern California but they are extremely good compared to what is available so you can enjoy your steak. The one main point is not to have an sauces on the meat or else you will miss out on the taste of the meat. My rules are simple when it comes to eating steak I only drink water and no sauces on the meat so that I can really enjoy a great piece of steak.


The Rib Room has a very nice selection of meat and side dishes to go with it. It is located in the Emirates Towers Hotel and it is worth visiting if you like steaks.