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Riding & Speeding


Rules to riding on the road are simple, number one obey the speed limit. The fact is that this rule is applied when the people on the road themselves are sane and considerate which isn’t the case. Everyone speeds – especially motorcyclists. Speeding is equated to breaking the law, but there isn’t an intrinsic link. The main aspect is to be able to speed with a clear mind and judge your situation.

The thrill of riding a motorcycle is far more involving than driving any other vehicle and it naturally requires more skill and judgment. Sticking to the speed limit on every road is impractical and defeats the purpose of having a bike, each road is different and there isn’t one speed for all the roads, a rider has to exercise their judgment as to what speed is effective and maintain margin of safety. Riding at full throttle in a residential area or next to a school is stupid and dangerous but it isn’t reckless to ride at 160 kph on a wide open straight road with no side roads.