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Stopping Issue


I was driving to work in the morning as usual, everything was normal, people on the road who have no clue how to drive and just chugging along. Half way to work I something felt very wrong with the Landcruiser, and I knew that my brake pads must have ran out, it felt like metal on metal with a vibration going through the brakes. I didn’t have time to go a garage so I headed straight to work and as I was shifting I noticed the emergency brake coming on towards the end of my shift.

I remembered from last time if that comes out then I need an oil and oil filter change. So I had to do a few maintenance things to the vehicle to make sure all is good. I didn’t have time except in the afternoon to drop off the car. After dropping it off they called me 10 minutes later asking me how the hell I was driving the car, I told “Very Carefully”. Slowing down was a combination of light braking and a lot of down shifting to get where I need. They called me later telling me they replaced everything and they had to resurface the rotors and if it doesn’t feel completely right I might have to replace the rotors at a later point, I knew that it would drive fine and the Landcruiser is a champ which could take a beating like no other vehicle.