2008 Brabus Mercedes-Benz SLR Roadster McLaren


I have always thought that the SLR was a little too big, its a beast of a machine but not to my taste. Now they have come up with the Roadster version and Brabus has taken that concept and turned it into a new machine, and I really like what they have done. I’m not even aware of the price of this machine, it can go 0 – 60 in 3.6 seconds and has 650 bhp at your command, and it looks like something Batman would drive.

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  1. I love this car… as u said it is a beast which is why i love it.. i actually did one of my university final projects about it…

  2. it is an SLR,, it doesn’t need any modification!!!

    unleashed beast

  3. Its beautiful..I love the red interior

  4. Sin

    batman would have black rims on, for the more agressive look..

  5. Halicy

    What a beauty.. It’s a piece of art!

  6. That’s one long ass name.

    “What do you drive, dude?”

    “I drive a 2008 Brabus Mercedes-Benz SLR Roadster McLaren!”

    “Just shut up..”

  7. Fonzy: lol! Im not a fan of it, but this one is different!

    vampire: I don’t like it normally!

    Speedo: I like the combination as well!

    Sin: that would look aggressive for sure!

    EniGma: lol!

    Laialy: Really? I like the combination!

    Outkasty: loool!

    suspic: hahahahahahaa!

  8. Sorry to say that you have a Bad taste when it comes to cars. “YOu don’t like the SLR?” who doesn’t like it ? It’s the best car out there. !! Mercedes-Benz makes the best cars in the market. for god sakes they’ve invented the motor car !!!

  9. G-Funk:

    I suggest you get behind the wheel of one then jump into a Carrera GT and tell me that its the best car.

  10. K :

    I did and it isn’t bad. Though I prefer The SLR than a GT, It’s a personal choice . Mercedes are known to make the best cars out there. most other car manufacturers imitate MB .

    To me . All German cars are Great .. But the MB is an exception.

    K . you should get behind the wheel of an MB and tell me which one is the best!

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