Koosh Balls


Who remembers the Koosh Balls from back in the day, I remember having different kinds and I had mine up until recently when my nephew took it. I really loved my Koosh Ball, I remember calling it a Kooshkin and a few others would remember that too.

I had a black and blue one which is of decent size, and I had it for over 13 years but since it has been taken away I’m thinking about getting another one but I want that specific color. And for $3 I really think its worth having, but finding the right color is tough since they only have limited kinds. I remember the multicolored ones were huge, but I prefered the ones that fit in the palm of my hands.

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  1. Mrm

    bbbbblast from the past!!! they smell too plasticy for my taste. who remembers how they smell?? awful

  2. i think i still have one and it’s yellow with Tweety ‘s head

  3. Man, they’re itchy!
    But i miss ’em though..

  4. and those small dolls with weird looking faces and long colored hairs, dunno what they’re called

  5. I had one hehe :P Purple it was with a face! LOL

    Trolls are another story however

  6. Ooooh shakhbaryy!! i love those! i used to collect them. and i had one that was also a keychain.

    abdvllah, they were called trolls. I collected those too!

  7. D.

    Kooosh!!! I love Kooosh! I hate the new ones with faces, legs and arms. I think a koosh is a koosh when it’s the proper koosh.

    Abi pink one

  8. omg! I miss them! I loved them!!!
    Does anyone know where I can find one in Kuwait?

  9. Just admit it, you regret giving the kid your Koosh.

    Mine usually got bald because I get bored and snatch the thingies off.

    And speaking of trolls, mine were always sitting naked with either spikey or shaved hair. They have no genitals yet they’re so many!

    We should learn from them.

  10. who didnt have them.. i dont remember how many i owned of those! and i still have them.. they smell funky with that weird plastic smell

  11. i had a dozen of them when i was a kid lol

  12. MSB: I think I h ave a rubiks cube not pyramid!

    EniGma: lol!

    Mrm: looool! Rubbing them enough gets the smell out!

    Swair: lol! Oldschool!

    Laialy: loool!

    Mideo: Mine never itched!

    abdvllah: Damn, I remember those! I hated them!

    Outkasty: hahaha! Shasawy!

    Jacqui: I hate the faces! I like them all round! I hated the trolls!

    This Lady: I just love the Koosh Balls, they hurt if you throw them at someone!

    D: I just want a round one! Thats it!

    dishevelled: I have no clue if they are in Kuwait!

    suspic: hahaha! I don’t regret giving him anything! hahaha! You were a sadistic kid!

    Ms.D: really, I don’t remember the weird smell!

    Fonzy: lol!

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