Review: American Gangster


Its story about Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) who became the biggest importer of Heroin in the 1970s, he worked for bumpy who controlled a part of Manhattan when he passed away he wanted to continued what Bumpy was doing as well as expand their empire. To skip all the middle men he went directly to the Far East to get the purest Heroin and sell it for a cheap price and taking over the market and he builds his fortune from there. With all this going the police were the most corrupt at the time, everyone was taking a piece of the pie and very few were clean, and those who were clean were alienated by the rest. Detective Richie Roberts (Russel Crowe) is one of the few clean cops on the force and he is facing an uphill battle, and he also wants to take out the source of all this Heroin. Roberts slowly puts together a team of men to track down the source of all this Heroin and he has to watch himself from other criminals and police officers. This is an amazing true story with Denzel Washington and Russel Corwe making it that much better. They do an amazing jobs playing their characters and this movie is worth every minute, the ending is unexpected. A very well done criminal movie and showing things were at the time.


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  1. انشاله بروجله بس لازم بسينما الافنيوز الفي اي بي لانها السينما الوحيده الي الناس ماتسولف فيها

  2. i loved the movie.. i like it when small ppl make it big.. good or bad bs being famous rocks :)

  3. Purgatory

    I did not like it much, too slow paced and not much violence, I would have perfered it being done by Tony Scott.

  4. Good review, Marzouq. Came on the right time, as I’m considering watching this movie this weekend.

  5. seems that it’s a repeated story but i’m diffenately gonna watch it

  6. incredible movie! i loved it! i reviewed it too and labeled it as “the black godfather”.. but i doubt it will be a sequel

  7. حمودي : I didn’t know that! Then I will check out the avenues cinema!

    Ms.D: I like the way this movie went!

    Purg: I liked the pace and how intense the characters were!

    Amjad: Good!

    vampire: Its a familiar story but you will enjoy it!

    Fonzy: There won’t be, its just one of those good stories!

    Laialy: Yup, I liked it a lot!

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