This is the first time I have ever flown on time and the plane arrived 15 minutes before its scheduled arrival which was great. The plane was full and I was sitting next to a Syrian man who had a lot of stories to talk about and he was very friendly. Turns out this man is the main distributor of Godiva chocolate, and he was asking why I wouldn’t eat sweets, I think I might have insulted him but he was very nice.


When I went to immigration the line was going down the escalator, it was a huge amount of people, the fast track for Emirates was full. Then I spotted the GCC line, I thought it was under construction but it turns out there was one line open. There were only 6 people standing instead of the usual 200 in one line which was the case for all other lines. What amazes me is that they have a lot of immigration officers but still doesn’t seem to be enough.


I also found my bags really quickly since the conveyor belt was stuck and there were three to five airlines per conveyor belt. I saw my bags and grabbed them right away, I went outside to find the hotel car and headed right to the hotel.


I know I have to get up early to go to the meeting and the other things to follow, I know I’m going to feel hungry very soon.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. cold0zero

    الصور جميلة جدا :)

  2. wow man! incredible pics! not surprised with having 200 people in line but u got lucky… doesnt happen often in dubai airport, usually i wait for over 30 mins in line, ofcourse not the GCC line :P anyway, hamdelah al salamy and good luck with the meetings

  3. where are you staying, hotel looks neat and the view is cool except for the construction works?

    I’ll be in dubai next week, how’s the weather now? I still haven’t packed anything yet

  4. Laialy: I got more!

    cold0zero: thank you!

    vampire: yup! lol!

    Fonzy: Thanks, its a lot of meetings but chugging along!

    pearls: At the Grosvenor House, great view and I don’t mind the construction. Everywhere is construction in dubai! The weather is warm, not for something heavy even at night, slightly humid!

  5. punky

    nice view and balcony:)

  6. nice pictures , what is the name of the hotel , and is that balcony part of your room ?

  7. feels like dubai or maybe the entire UAE is built on water!! u feel fresh just by lookin at their sky.. or driving on the sea side road “Courniche”

  8. cool.. i love the balcony! mashallaah.. but i’m not fond of the construction view..

  9. I find that a lot of construction is disturbing. In fact, I find Dubai to be one gr8 disturbance lately. It feels so superficial. But lovely terrace.

  10. punky: thanks!

    Laziale: yup the balcony is part of the room! Its the Grosvenor House!

    Jacqui: yup!

    Ms.D: Yup, it does feel very refreshing! I just don’t know about the Murky Marina waters!

    This Lady: The view is great from the top, and the balcony is so damn comfortable!

    Shoush: The terrace is nice, and yes the construction is definitely annoying!

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