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I needed a new trimmer since mine broke after only 1 year of use, but I think it was the exposure to water that got to it. I don’t even know if it was waterproof or not, I used it when there was a lot of water. Alghanim Electronics was close by to my work so I decided to pass by and they have Phillip trimmers.


When I walked in I saw a huge pile of Bodygroom trimmers next to the trimmer and razor area. I was surprsied they got them at last, it has been so long since they came out and I thought they wouldn’t bring them. They should have brought a huge amount a long time ago. They were selling them for 29 KD which isn’t too bad for something that people like.. I tried it out and it isn’t too bad, I heard a lot of hype about it and it is safer then most razors which is good for the sensitive areas. Tentively speaking I am quite happy with this purchase.