In & Out in Dubai


Its been interesting with work here, mornings in a seminar and then hands on training with a few items. Since its the last day I get to relax for one day but I just have to meet with a few people and tie up a few loose ends.


I know I’m going to go to the movies since I have some time to go see what I want. I was thinking about doing what I used to do while I was college, to go to three movies in a row nonstop, but then I won’t be able to do too much shopping.


Its funny when walking around in the mall you really don’t feel like your in an arab country, its a nice feeling to able to enjoy just walking around and you can see all these families with their kids in hand. The whole enviroment and feeling in the mall gives off a good vibe. You don’t see any males harrassing any of the women walking around, the funny part is when you notice that the mall is filled with these highschool kids and notice that they got off school so all of them go to the mall.




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I need to go to the movies … I just have to finish up two project and that will be it!

  2. I love Dubai although I do thinks its way too over developed.

    Skipping class to go to the movies/mall also rocks :P

  3. except in the US, people used to pay for 1 movie but then hop around to the others! ;)

  4. that’s what I like about Dubai but I agree with ananyah

  5. djhightide

    Dubai malls rock compared to the kuwaiti malls but I still miss the malls in kuwait especially marina mall

  6. Laialy: I know the feeling! The movie will do you some good!

    ananyah: I like Dubai, but no way I can live there! Skipping class to do anything is always good!

    MSB: exactly! movie hopping!

    pearls: yup!

    djhightide: yeah there is something about malls in Kuwait, but the variety in Dubai is much better!

  7. jewaira

    Dubai never ceases to amaze me with the variety of people there…you certainly don’t feel like you are in the Arab world especially in places like Mall of the Emirates..very unique feeling.

    And it’s true about the harassment bit. The whole weekend there I did not see any outright (ghazzeling) and harassment the way we sometimes see here.

  8. jewaira: It just keeps changing! As you said, you don’t see any type of harrasment in Dubai, not like in Kuwait.

  9. mushroom

    everytime i see retards harrassing ladies here, i wana give them 100 rounds of triple flying side kicks.

  10. The whole scene in Kuwait is a tad provincial, and has “stiff upper lip” written all over the place – hell no, that’s an understatement, actually. What I love best about Dubai is each time I go visiting there, there’s a part of Dubai that grows on me, bit by bit. The government have nurtured it in a truly amazing way giving off friendly vibes no matter what part of the world you come from . Mall cruising in Dubai is alot more fun than in Kuwait because Dubai allows you to just be. Couldn’t agree more with Jewaira on sexual harassment in Kuwait malls. I don’t know if it’s a Saudi import or is home brewed but either way, it’s tough being a woman in the Kuwait of 2007.
    It’s about time Kuwait granted visas on arrival to all legal aliens resident in the GCC, regardless of their nationality. After all, foreign cultures and influences cannot be all that bad.

    cannot be all that bad.

  11. mushroom: Fantastic! That is a brilliant idea, I agree with you 100%!

  12. There’s only one thing about Dubai I dislike with a passion and that’s got
    to be the street lighting. It cannot get any tackier than that.

  13. pink

    7arraaam 3leek….u tricked me with the title of this post…my eyes poped out thinking in & out burger opened in dubaiiiiiiiiiiiiii whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…….i was planning on hopping on first flight avelabl in a sec it took me from reading the title to the actual post….u crushed my dream

  14. Anonymous: I didn’t even notice that, now I’m going to take a look the second time around!

    pink: LOL! I didn’t even think about that, I was just thinking that I’m literally in and out of Dubai! Sorry for no meeting your expectations!

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