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In & Out in Dubai


Its been interesting with work here, mornings in a seminar and then hands on training with a few items. Since its the last day I get to relax for one day but I just have to meet with a few people and tie up a few loose ends.


I know I’m going to go to the movies since I have some time to go see what I want. I was thinking about doing what I used to do while I was college, to go to three movies in a row nonstop, but then I won’t be able to do too much shopping.


Its funny when walking around in the mall you really don’t feel like your in an arab country, its a nice feeling to able to enjoy just walking around and you can see all these families with their kids in hand. The whole enviroment and feeling in the mall gives off a good vibe. You don’t see any males harrassing any of the women walking around, the funny part is when you notice that the mall is filled with these highschool kids and notice that they got off school so all of them go to the mall.