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MP3 Down


I have made the decision never to buy HDD based MP3 players at all, they just don’t work for me. A day before traveling my MP3 player seemed to be acting funky. I use my mp3 player all the time, when I travel, when I ride, and I plug it into my car stereo system. I assume this machine has been shaken around too much, I kept hearing something but I wasn’t sure even when I put my ear to it.

Then the thing just crashed and reset which was surprising, it seemed ok I thought it was just a software crash. When I tried loading some music back on it was going fine until 40% into the transfer, then it just froze. Then I heard the magic sound, which is a “clicking” sound which means the hard drive has crashed.

There has always been an argument about HDD and Flash based MP3 Players, and with this development I have decided not to buy any HDD based MP3 Player, or to really avoid them. Now I’m on the look out for a decent size Flash based MP3 Player and the Flash Drives have grown over the past couple of years.