MP3 Down


I have made the decision never to buy HDD based MP3 players at all, they just don’t work for me. A day before traveling my MP3 player seemed to be acting funky. I use my mp3 player all the time, when I travel, when I ride, and I plug it into my car stereo system. I assume this machine has been shaken around too much, I kept hearing something but I wasn’t sure even when I put my ear to it.

Then the thing just crashed and reset which was surprising, it seemed ok I thought it was just a software crash. When I tried loading some music back on it was going fine until 40% into the transfer, then it just froze. Then I heard the magic sound, which is a “clicking” sound which means the hard drive has crashed.

There has always been an argument about HDD and Flash based MP3 Players, and with this development I have decided not to buy any HDD based MP3 Player, or to really avoid them. Now I’m on the look out for a decent size Flash based MP3 Player and the Flash Drives have grown over the past couple of years.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hate it when that happens, I’ve separated the two ever since it happened to me too. An mp3 player should always remain as an mp3 player – forget the HD storage feature ever even existed.

    I love LaCie HDDs and I recommend them very much. But no matter what brand you use, if its going to be moving around with you flash based is the way to go (as you said), get SanDisk!

  2. He doesn’t like iTunes so maybe he should be checking out the new Zunes

  3. jitaroo

    the new flash based zunes are very nice with the wireless syncing and all
    and knowing your halo addiction there is also a halo 3 zune with halo content on it, bas its hdd based …

  4. jitaroo

    and the zune program is beautiful, way more functional than iTunes, and also you can tie your xbox gamertag with it, its a nice web of microsoft products all working together

  5. Get a new phone that has 8GB memory with a 3mm audiojack. Add a carcharger and your scoring 2 in 1. Nokia N95 8GB is a wise choice.

  6. knafa

    i second Mark, 2nd generation zune is absolutely a good mp3 player with wireless file sharing and FM tuner.

  7. Shaymaa: I agree with you about seperating the two, I’m not a huge fan of the SanDisk MP3 players, the UI just isn’t what I expect it to be!

    K: No Apple, not yet!

    Mark: I don’t know, I’m not feeling the Zune!

    Laialy: thank you! :)

    jitaroo: that is one of the issues! I heard the program isn’t the best, and why would I care about my gamertag with my mp3 player!

    mishref: A phone is a phone and mp3 player is an player, I have always seen it like that!

    knafa: its HDD based so I will be avoiding it!

    Jacqui: No Apple! Just oranges!!!!

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