MP3 Options

I’m taking a look at a few options right now for an MP3 player, and I want to get one right away. What I’m looking for is simple but not all MP3 players can satisfy my requirements but I have found two that can do the job.


The Options:

  • iRiver Clix 8 GB Gen2
  • Creative Zen V Plus


What I’m looking for:

  • Charge through USB
  • Drag and Drop music without a software to integrate
  • Creating Playlists
  • Different types of Random play, not just the general random
  • Clear loud Music
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Flash Drive
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Not Big

The only issue I have is that the iRiver isn’t available for me to try out but I keep reading good reviews about it, and I can’t go too long without an Mp3 Player.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. get the iRiver without questioning.

    The only problem you might have with it is that you will always need both hands to navigate the four buttons, its not like the ipod or other similar devices where you can go through all tracks with one hand (or just your thumb) The iRiver has a button on each of the four sides, so they are quite spread apart and you won’t be able to do anything while driving.

    I’ve been dieing to get one, but they are hard to find! I wanted to try it out and see if its true that (some models) support the Arabic language.

  2. AngelOfDeth

    The Clix2 is available at Safat Al-Ghanim, i am not sure if its the 8GB version, but at least you can get a run through the device…

    A friend of mine got the first Clix 4GB , it was really nice and easy to use, so the Clix2 must be a kick ass version!!

  3. i like this tiny Zen, it feels durable.

  4. AL

    Check out eBay. You can get the iRiver clix2 8GB for $145.

  5. Mrm

    i have been a creative user for a few yrs now… never has it been easier to add music; literally drag/drop o bes! battery is amazing on it as well…my zen neeon2 has been on ‘low battery’ for 4 days now. i use it everyday at the gym and after 4 days of ‘low battery’ it still hasnt died!

  6. Eddy

    Should definetely go with clix2… the zen v plus looks more like a toy…..u should also add the new zunes to your list…

  7. The iPod is a steal. And it has alot of accessories out there. Why settle for less ?

  8. Man I’ve been dying to get some portable music thingy for a while, but I loathe the ipod and the must use of itunes. I just want to open the folder and copy/paste the shit out of it.

    Ipods are all..”Loading songs..processing songs..rechecking songs..processing one last time..loading just to be sure..”

    Buy something and give a brotha a review.

    Much love,

  9. MpJs: Thats what I’m thinking about!

    Shaymaa: I think I should but I have to try it! Supporting Arabic language? really! I want to try it out for sure!

    AngelOfDeth: Damn thanks for all the info! I will go check it out for sure!

    Mark: Its HDD, so NO!

    AL: Damn thats pretty cheap!

    Mrm: I’m thinking about the larger ones, so I’m not sure if that will do!

    Eddy: the new Zune is HDD based, I want flash based! And Drag and Drop doesn’t work for the Zune!

    Laialy: Not feeling them!

    G-Funk: Its not about less, its about not liking the software and its a little bulky for me, and its HDD based and not flash based like I want.

    Jacqui: That is where I’m heading to, but I want to try it in my hands!

    Niel: I had the iAudio U2 and I liked it but the interface was lacking a bit, and its HDD based

    suspic: hahaha! I will let you know what I find!

  10. NeiL

    iaudio 7 is flash based ….

    If you are looking for a small device that does everything, the iAUDIO 7 is the one for you. Crammed into its tiny case is sold-state memory, an amazing 1.3 inch screen and a tonne of great features. FM radio, line-in recording, a built in microphone – not to forget the brilliant swing touch navigation!

  11. Neil: Then I was thinking about the iAudio 6 then! Thanks for the update but I was thinking about the interface as well, right now I’m looking at the interface and after the type of hard drive, but the Cowoon is good when it comes to drag and drop!

  12. zouq : all iPods are flash based ( except the iPod classic ) based on what you’re looking for the iPod nano or the touch serves it. Not to mention that the touch has wifi and 3rd party apps .

  13. NeiL

    No worries mate, i was in the market for 1 myself and had to research them all , my iaudio 7 will be here sometime next week =D

  14. G-Funk: The Touch is great, but too big for me. I need something with enough size to put the right amount of songs on it and then I can put it in any pocket when I ride. The thing is I have a lot of things in my pocket and the touch wouldn’t be the perfect player for me even though I like it.

    NeiL: Very nice, thanks for pointing it out. I have a few surprises since things didn’t turn out the way I expected. Now I’m on the search again!

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