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Bauer Doing His Time


Bauer had a little DUI incident from sometime back, and he violated his probation. So the district attorney wanted to make an example of him, but during the proceedings he pleaded guilty and he said he would serve all his time as long as it doesn’t interfere with his show 24. He will be spending Christmas and New Years in jail. Now that is a man owning up to his responsibilities, I have to respect him for that. Nobody can touch Jack Bauer. Period.

It’s a mug shot Kiefer! Not a “24” promo shoot! Kiefer Sutherland began serving his 48-day jail sentence last night for his little DUI arrest. Kief is serving his time in Glendale and he will spend Christmas and New Year’s in there. The L.A. City Attorney’s office expects him to serve his entire term.

“Sutherland will be serving the 48 days in the Glendale City Jail, with no early release and no good time/work time credit, so we expect that he will serve the entire 48 days in jail.”


He has been assigned to laundry and kitchen duty. He will also to be allowed to roam the jail 75% of the time, but will have minimal contact with other inmates. He’s Jack Bauer after all.


Maybe he’ll participate in the prison Christmas pageant. I hear they are still casting for a Baby Jesus and Kief definitely has got the look down.


I’m proud of Kief’s mug shot! He totally listened to Tyra and is “smiling with his eyes.”

The only thing that is delaying the shows are those damn writer protests.

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