Review: Beowulf


This has been the long awaited animated movie with an old story which has been given a new look. I like what they have done with the animation, there have been times I tend to think the character in front of me is the real thing. The story revolves around a monster terrorizing a town and then Beowulf comes to rescue the town, but he does something which he doesn’t expect to become a great warrior. The action is good, and the animation is amazing, they have revitalized a story but I was expecting a little bit more. Angelina Jolie is in this movie and she seems life like in the form they have made her. I do recommend that people who want to see someting different should see this movie, but its not something I would watch again.


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  1. I watched it 2 weeks back in LA, and I really enjoyed it…I didnt expect that this movie will be animated so was a total surprise for me!

  2. vampire: I expected more!

    Fast Lane: Yup, I liked it too but I expected more out of it!

  3. It was great! too bad it was cut so bad here, we got to watch it in the avenues VIP theater, very awesome seats and place

  4. i got bored half way into the movie, the end was very predictable

  5. N: I can imagine it being cut so much! I haven’t even used the Avenues VIP yet, I want to try it out, but goes against my rule of avoiding theaters in Kuwait!

    Laialy: hmmm, its an old story which got animated. I think they did a pretty good job!


    I will definitly check this out. But not at our crappy cinemas. I guess i’ll have to wait for the DVD. Angelina looks delicious even in CGI!!

  7. MEANBOY: Yup she does! I agree better to wait for a DVD!

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