UAE E-Gate Card


After coming to Dubai multiple times this year I have once remembered to get the E-Gate Card before passing security.

Its an office locaeted at Door 2 of the Emirates Terminal on the second floor to the right.

You take a ticket to wait your turn, and there were only a few people ahead of me. When it came to my turn I only had my Civil ID with me since my passport is currently processing all the damn visas that I have to get.


The lady wasn’t sure if I could get everything done with my Civil ID but another person helped her out. So you can apply using just your Civil ID.

They take all your information, and I was very surprised they already have a lot of information about me. The Ministry of Interior seems to have a solid system with lots of different kinds of information. I can only imagine the statistics they have on hand.

She plugged in all the information I had, and used my Civil ID number instead of the passport number. And only GCC nationals can use their Civil IDs. As a profession she put General Computer Engineer, which I don’t know what that exactly means but it will do. They took prints of both my left and right index fingers and then a photo of me which made me look like a criminal if it wasn’t for the smirk on my face.

All in all it took 10 minutes and cost 200 AED (15KD), and it will save me a lot of time.

Link: UAE E-Gate

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  1. HD-Cable

    And whats the purpose of this E-card thing ? no need to go thru immigration?

  2. HD-Cable: Yup, you get to skip immigration so it takes one minute to go through!

    Fast Lane: Thanks, yup it will!

  3. I had my e-card from a year back. It is extremely convenient and lets you skip the long queues. If you have an emirates frequent flyer card, you can combine your ecard with it and use that also.

  4. Don Veto: That is exactly why I want it, and to skip the damn long lines!

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  6. nouna

    Don Veto, can u give me more details about combining the emirates frequent flyer card and the egate card cuz i have both.

  7. Besim Zeqiri

    My name is Besim Zeqiri and I work for an American Company over in Iraq, every time I go home I have to travel through Dubai and I have to have visa everytime. My question is can I have E-card with Yugoslav passport. Please let me know thanks a lot and you have wonderful day.

  8. avinash vora

    can some one tell me how do I get a print out of my movements to and from Dubai/Abudhabi airport when i have used E gates and officer did not stamp my passport.

    I need to know the dates etc of my arrivals and departures.

  9. barua

    UAE GATEs ( egate) gives a printout at bothe entry and exit gates, which you can keep for your own security as a physical record. Thus the great convenience of saving pages in your passport , as well as a method for keeping record externally.

    All countries must adopt Egates, makes life convenient !

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