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UAE E-Gate Card


After coming to Dubai multiple times this year I have once remembered to get the E-Gate Card before passing security.

Its an office locaeted at Door 2 of the Emirates Terminal on the second floor to the right.

You take a ticket to wait your turn, and there were only a few people ahead of me. When it came to my turn I only had my Civil ID with me since my passport is currently processing all the damn visas that I have to get.


The lady wasn’t sure if I could get everything done with my Civil ID but another person helped her out. So you can apply using just your Civil ID.

They take all your information, and I was very surprised they already have a lot of information about me. The Ministry of Interior seems to have a solid system with lots of different kinds of information. I can only imagine the statistics they have on hand.

She plugged in all the information I had, and used my Civil ID number instead of the passport number. And only GCC nationals can use their Civil IDs. As a profession she put General Computer Engineer, which I don’t know what that exactly means but it will do. They took prints of both my left and right index fingers and then a photo of me which made me look like a criminal if it wasn’t for the smirk on my face.

All in all it took 10 minutes and cost 200 AED (15KD), and it will save me a lot of time.

Link: UAE E-Gate