Battery End of Life


I got this warning from my laptop that my battery is reaching a point where it should be repalced since its life span has shortened. This battery lasted me about 1 year and 3 months now which is pretty good for everyday use. I knew this was going to happen at a certain point, in the beginning the battery would easily last 4-5 hours now it barely lasts two hours which isn’t too bad, and its dropping below the two hour mark at this point.


Since I had an idea about this I ordered my spare battery a few months ago, and I’m going to start using when my battery is barely able to be used, even if I get an hour out of it I don’t think thats bad. The one thing about the Dell Latitudes that I like is their ability to control screen power so you can maximize battery power, you can almost completely switch it off.

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  1. i dont bother.. when my laptop battery starts dying on me, it’s time to buy a new laptop! :D

  2. D.

    When I take the charger off, the battery dies in less than 45 minutes. My laptop is HP, where do I order a new battery from?

  3. I’m thinking of buying a new laptop. Sony Vaio most probably. There’s this particular one that I might buy because it’s the smallest so far and its battery is supposed to last up to 7 hours! What do you think?

  4. LOL! wee 3atham allah ajerkom =/ cham 3omerha taqreeban? =[

  5. D. :
    From my experience HP laptops are the worst I had to work with. You’re going to have to contact HP in Dubai to get a battery replacement. In Kuwait, you *can* contact “the official distributor”: Redington but TRUST ME buying a ticket and going to Dubai to pick up a battery would be easier and less torturing then having to deal with anyone at Redington.

  6. D.

    Shaymaa, really? Wow that sounds tedious. I’m actually very comfortable with my HP. I bought it a couple of years back from Alghanim Electronics and so far I have no complaints except for the dying battery now. I think I better someone I know in Dubai to get me one. I never heard of Redington but from your desciption it sounds horrible :[

  7. Hmm this makes me wonder if my mac needs a new battery!

  8. MSB: I don’t think that would be feasible! lol!

    D: You can order it from Alghanim Electronics or from any HP Partner, you can check online and they will help you out!

    BIE: Its a good size but pretty slow processor, so if your keeping it for light weight work then go ahead, but if you are going to loaded with programs then go for bigger!

    Outkasty: looool! 1.2 years!

    Shaymaa: I agree 100%! Redington is a headache and I have to deal with them a lot!

    D: Redintgon is the spare parts supplier for all HP Partners and they have a lot of parts but horrible logistics!

  9. D, Yea, Alghanim Electronics are forwarding all of their customers with laptop problems over to Redington.

    When you go there and ask for a battery replacement, they are going to take your laptop and ask you to wait at least two months for them to get the replacement from Dubai and charge you god knows how much for the battery cost and shipping.

    Oh, and the two employees working there never answer the phone.

  10. N: Your better off ordering a new one!

    Shaymaa: Damn I tought they might have some spares in Kuwait! Your kidding me! Then just contact Dubai and get it, your better off doing that directly! Ordering it from Hawally they can get it for you!

  11. Same with me, my Hp laptop battery never lasts for more than 40 minutes !

  12. Cat: Damn that is pretty short, mine is lasting for about 1.5 hours before reaching its limit!

  13. mushroom

    i have a toshiba laptop. 2 years old and the battery is in perfect shape. but my screen got burnt twice. wtf?

  14. mushroom: damn, the battery is easily replaceable but the screen is tough!

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