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Creative Zen: DOA


I can’t imagine my luck with this product. My first MP3 player in 99 was a Creative Player and it has 32 MB which was huge back then. Now I got the Creative Zen 8 GB from the Virgin Store in Mall of the Emirates. I thought it was going to be great and I could use it without any issues, I tried it since their were a lot of them available to tried at different Electronic stores int he mall.

I read online that a lot of people were having software and hardware issues with this player but it also got a lot of good reviews so I thought to try my luck.

I just had no luck with the product:

  • I picked it up on Friday night and charged it for four hours as stated, and I kept getting a white screen. I tried everything to get out of the white screen but nothing happened.
  • I took it back to Virgin on Saturday and when I gave it to them, they immediately replaced it with a new one.
  • They tested the new one by switching it on and trying it on a plug which seemed to work and I could see the interface and everything was working.
  • I picked it up on Saturday and charged it, while charging it went into recovery mood.
  • I didn’t have a chance to get out of that mode until getting to Kuwait.
  • There was no solution to get out of Recovery Mode, except to upgrade the Firmware
  • So I erased the current Firmware and tried installing the new Firmware which I downloaded from the Manufacturer.
  • After 99% of the installation of the Firmware and rebooting, it did this all on its own. Everything seemed working fine until it said “Firmware Problem”
  • The only solution based on the website is to send it to the main reseller which is difficult since I am in Kuwait and I am not aware how it is in Kuwait.
  • Now the Search Begins!

Avoid the Creative Zen

Link: Amazon