Kangoo Jumps


I first saw this at the Go Sports store in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates. I really had no clue what they were and why there were so many damn shoes on the wall. It reminded me of those jumping shoes and people could go flying. I was just passin through to check out some shoes, and whne I saw this huge wall of shoes I was curious as to what they were.


Turns out these are rebound excercise shoes used in excercising, fun, rehabilitation, weight loss, atheletic training, and a few other different physical activities. The one thing that it does which I find amazing is that it reduces the wear on your ankles, knees, lower back, and spine by 80%. That is the reason I use an elyptical because it reduces the stress on my knees but these are amazing if they can do that. It does look funny jumping around in these shoes while running or excercising at home or out in the open.


It can be used in the gym, on a dirt path, at home, in the garden, basically anywhere you want to go.

Link: KangooJumps



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i would fall flat on my face!

  2. Very amusing, did you get a pair? I bet you did haha, they seem like a lot of fun.

  3. MSB: You can only try!

    N: I didn’t really, I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t have the time to check it out! Now I wish I did, it would be fun bouncing around a bit and excercising!

  4. Its scary
    if i would try it i might wear a steal armour! head to toe coverage ;p

  5. mushroom

    its a good idea to be using that here instead of cars.
    people jumping around on their way to the office and back.
    you see, there would be no deaths due to accidents. it would be fun bouncing around like crazy rabbits. however, we would smell like camels during summer. ha ha ha

  6. Q80-ChillGirl: looool! Now that would be funny!

    mushroom: hahaha! I don’t think everyone would be able to use it! They would be bouncing into lamps and other things!

  7. Purgatory

    I saw a similar type on German TV a while back, but they were more like huge Kangaroo legs, with a twist, makes you look like alien, but you can jump high and do flips.

  8. I saw them in Dubai too back in Aug!!

    bs where to use them?! moshkila =/

  9. i would love to try it but i am pretty sure i’ll just fall on my face and break my nose … which might not be a bad thing!!!

  10. Purg: I know which one your talking about! I saw somebody wearing those in marina one day, these are more usable!

    Shaymaa: Thats pretty cool!! Now I want to try them!

    This Lady: I Agree!

    Outkasty: At home or at the mamsha!

    Laialy: loool! I thought you had good hand/eye coordination! And why whould you want to break your nose!!

  11. TI3GIB

    That has to be the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.

    *Hops away*

  12. OMG I WANT THOSE it loooks so FUNNNN like ur own private trampoline I WAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNTTT

  13. TI3GIB: hahahaha! Hops Away!

    Rashisha: You can check out Go Sport in Avenues, maybe they have it.

  14. chris

    Kangoo jumps are very very safe you don’t fall over. these shoes has two names one is kangoo jumps and the other is the worlds lowest impact shoes

    because it can protect your joints up to 80%

    what can damage your joints is impact forces

    any more info go to this web site at http://www.kangoojumps.com

  15. sherri

    I am presently taking a class at my gym, I really love them! So much that I bought my own pair,, i havent run in years,, and these make it so much fun! I took aerobic classes in my twenties and thirties, and as I have gotten older I got burnt out,, now with these kangoo shoes, I feel I can do all aerobic activity again and I am loving it! if you have the opportunity to check out a pair do it! I would NEVER consider putting on roller blades, these you cannot compare! try it you”ll like it!

  16. MaggieMay

    I just got mine last week! They’re fantastic! I broke my ankle back in February and they totally take all the pounding of walking or running off my injured foot! I can’t wait to try them outside. I’ve been getting used to them in the house. So much easier to use than rollerblades…no brainer and much more of a cardio workout, too!!

  17. OK, that was unclear…click on the “Mule” part, that’s the link :)

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