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Alghanim Electronics Service Center


I found out that Alghanim Electronics is a service center for Creative products. It is close to Alghanim Electronics but behind Nissan Al Shawaf, the first right and the first left coming in from the Fourth Ring Road.

It was clearly written as Alghanim Electronics Service Center, they seemed to have a very professional setup and what kind of they provide. I was spoke to the person at the counter and they said they repare Creative products and when I told them it wasn’t from them they said I would have to pay. If it was above 10 KD they would call me, and if it is below they would just fix it right away.


They told me it would take three days for them to get back to me if they can fix the MP3 player. I spoke to their engineer and I explained to him my issue, and it was a software issue so hopefully they would be able to fix it and he said two days to see if they can fix it. It seems they have a back log of items. I would be quite happy to get it fixed so I can really try it out, right now I have a bad impression of Creative products. I just have to wait a few days until they get back to me, I will be getting back to them before they call me most probably.