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Logitech diNovo Edge


At last I have picked up the diNovo Edge for my desk, and I have to say I am extremely happy with what I have. It is a very compact, sleek, solid, and high quality keyboard. It has a lot of features which are all touch based, such as quick scrolling, moving the cursor, volume control and a few other controls.


I tried it singularly with a PC and the Bluetooth works from a very large distance of over 7 meters. I was honestly surprised at the strength of the signal and I will be getting another one when I get a chance. The build is a solid aluminum and polished plastic, it just feels very nice and the buttons feels good when in use.


I have it connected to the KVM switch for my computers and so I lose some of the functionality of the multifunction buttons and touch pad, but that is due to the short coming of the KVM and its still worth having. Another fantastic product from Logitech, I will write a full review once I test it out and get a better idea of its battery life and at least it gives me some more desk space to work with.